Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Understanding the impact of UHCL’s budget deficit - Tori Whitworth, UHCL Signal

“A decrease of this magnitude has a very significant impact on our budget for 2016-2017 due to the amount of tuition and fee dollars generated, particularly given the tuition differential between undergraduate and graduate tuition and resident versus non-resident tuition,” said President William Staples in an email sent to all faculty and staff Nov. 7. “For 2016-2017, our total tuition shortfall was $4,985,932. This amount will be reduced to $4,283,796 with a debt service shift. This $4,283,796 shortfall will be covered by university reserves (40 percent or $1,736,317) and by department reductions (60 percent or $2,547,479).” The budget will be reduced by providing less money to faculty for travel and not filling vacant faculty or staff positions this year. “There will be no layoffs or cuts in salary,” said Michelle Dotter, vice president for administration and finance.

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