Thursday, February 23, 2017

Budget cuts leave students on edge - Jessica Triplett, Northwest Missourian

Last month, Gov. Eric Greitens cut $56 million from Missouri’s public university budget. Northwest is taking a hit. Because of these cuts, Northwest’s budget will be down by roughly $3 million in the next fiscal year, starting July 1, according to the Daily Forum. While there is nothing that can be done directly, it does call into question one thing: the campus’s multimillion dollar Multipurpose Complex. When asking staff around campus whether or not the summer 2017 construction start of the complex will commence, you probably will not get a straight yes or no. However, Feb. 11 the Daily Forum ran an article announcing the committee for the bed tax. The bed tax is a tax on nightly hotel stays in Maryville that was approved in 2016 elections. This tax would only raise $150,000 of the $3.45 million cost of the complex.

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