Monday, February 6, 2017

Greitens' state funding cuts add to University of Missouri's budget woes - Rudi Keller, Columbia Tribune

Gov. Eric Greitens cut $83.8 million from college and university budgets Monday, wiping out state funding increases, cutting into core funding and eliminating budget lines for special projects.The cuts will add to budget woes at the University of Missouri, where lawmakers cut $3.8 million from system administration in the current budget and a precipitous drop in freshman enrollment forced a 5 percent cut to budgets on the Columbia campus. Instead of receiving a $9 million increase in state aid to help mitigate a $36.3 million decline in tuition revenue, cuts Greitens imposed Monday will reduce the campus budget by an additional $13.7 million. Overall, the university system will bear $31.4 million of $146.4 million of Greitens’ restrictions.

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