Sunday, February 12, 2017

SIU president warns: "SIU's footprint on region to shrink with no budget" - Loreto Cruz, Chris Drury, KFVS

The President of SIU warns the school's footprint as an economic engine for the region will continue to shrink in the coming months as the institution continues to borrow from itself to pay the bills during the now eighteen-month-long budget stalemate in Springfield. “That close relationship of the university to the region is something we want to make sure the governor and the general assembly and the rest of the state understands.” System President Randy Dunn said. “Southern Illinois is not a metropolitan area. If we stop providing, say, a social service, that’s it. There may not be an alternative option for hundreds of miles.” Stopgap funding approved in 2016 expired on January 1st, and Dunn says the school is now running the risk of ‘running on fumes’ should a deal not be reached.

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