Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Higher education cuts means MU is going to need to make up for some serious cash - Emmett Ferguson, the Maneater

On Feb. 2, Gov. Eric Greitens announced a cut of $159 million to the higher education budget, with $40 million of that coming from the UM System. Greitens partly blames “decades of insiders, special interests, and lobbyists…protect[ing] their pet projects and their slice of pie.” That must have been a big slice of pie. Greitens’ budget has made reductions of more than $572 million across the state government. Over a quarter of all the statewide reductions came from higher education. I get trimming the fat, but this is like throwing out the whole cow. Cutting the budget of a state university is just screwing over the future generations of your state.

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