Tuesday, March 7, 2017

OU faces more than $600,000 mid-year budget cut after state revenue failure - Anna Bauman, Oklahoma U Daily

The university has received a more than $600,000 mid-year cut in state appropriations due to the state’s revenue failure announced Feb. 22. Budget cuts were made statewide in response to an $878 million shortfall in revenue that the state is currently facing, according to KFOR.com. OU received $195,951,079 in state appropriations for fiscal year 2017, constituting more than 20 percent of the university's total operating budget for FY2017. http://www.oudaily.com/news/ou-faces-more-than-mid-year-budget-cut-after-state/article_8e5195b6-fadc-11e6-8d62-b315290c6749.html

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