Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2,400 University of Iowa students lose scholarships due to budget cuts - KCRG

Some college students in eastern Iowa will soon feel the effects of cuts to state funding. Last December, state lawmakers realized the state wasn't bringing in enough revenue for its current budget. So they made cuts to different areas of government, like the courts, and higher education. The University of Iowa lost $8 million. Wednesday, the university announced 2,400 students are losing their scholarships. With a full semester's workload in chemical engineering, University of Iowa Junior Thomas Bradshaw says he doesn't have much free time. "This weekend I think I spent probably 24 hours total working on a lab report," he said. Bradshaw also has a part time job on campus that takes up 20 to 30 hours of his week. It's the only way he can afford college. http://www.kcrg.com/content/news/2400-University-of-Iowa-students-lose-scholarships-due-to-budget-cuts-414676423.html

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