Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Missouri State U outlines tuition hike, staff layoffs, program cuts to offset state funding drop - Claudette Riley, News Leader

In a lengthy Friday meeting, Missouri State President Clif Smart outlined a plan to make up "less than half" the nearly $8 million state funding shortfall for the 2017-18 year with tuition and fee increases. A proposal submitted to the MSU Board of Governors calls for in-state undergraduate students, who make up 85 percent of the enrollment, to pay $4 more a credit hour and $11 more in fees per semester. If approved, that amount will be added to the $1 per credit hour and $8 per semester fee the board approved this year but won't start collecting until the fall. The funding request will raise tuition to $210 a credit hour and fees to $503 a semester and increase the annual bill for in-state undergraduate students by an average of $188 a year.

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