Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trump budget cuts funding to agencies that provide funding for university research - Randall Eck, Arizona Wildcat

The Trump administration’s proposed 2018 federal budget, released March 16, does not reduce deficit spending, but rather redistributes discretionary funding to reflect Trump’s campaign priorities. The administration’s proposed cuts could significantly decrease UA’s capacity to fund research and development projects on campus. According to Jen Peng, a professor at the School of Government and Public Policy, “Congress is unlikely to adopt the budget” due to concerns over these radical cuts. Five departments would see budget cuts of over 15 percent: State Department (-29 percent), Agriculture Department (-21 percent), Labor Department (-21 percent), Department of Health and Human Services (-18 percent) and Commerce Department (-16 percent). In 2015, UA received over 39 percent of federal research and development grants from these five departments.

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