Saturday, April 1, 2017

Trump’s proposed cuts to research funding would hit Bay Area hard - Catherine Ho, SF Chronicle

Trump’s preliminary budget, released Thursday, would cut federal funding to the National Institutes of Health by 18 percent, which would bring NIH funding levels to the lowest they’ve been in 15 years. Currently, hundreds of millions of dollars of NIH grants go to Bay Area research universities to help fund studies on cancer, epilepsy and other diseases. In fiscal year 2016, NIH’s budget was $32.3 billion. The majority of that — $26.2 billion — goes to universities, medical schools and research institutions around the country in the form of grants and contracts. California universities and institutions received $3.7 billion in NIH funding last year, roughly 14 percent of the agency’s grant and contract dollars. UCSF was the nation’s second-highest recipient, behind Johns Hopkins University. UCSF received $578 million in NIH grants, which made up about 10 percent of the university’s budget.

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