Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Budget cuts affects staff motivation, student’s education - Kiara Dowell, Indiana Statesman

Professors in the communication and the English departments are forced to begin working part time this upcoming semester. Director of Governmental Affairs, Stephen Lamb, explained Student Government Association recently passed a bill called the Lecturing Resolution that opposes the decision of the President of the University to cut funding for full-time lecturers and instructors. This bill is in support of the faculty. It is SGA’s belief that student success and retention will be negatively affected by this decision and that there will be less experienced faculty, which will diminish the quality of student education. According to LR, “ The Student Government Association does not think reducing the percentage of these positions is in the best interest of the university.” http://www.isustudentmedia.com/indiana_statesman/news/article_a3abcd3c-2aa2-11e7-bcb7-f76601c5e759.html

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