Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Cost Of Cutting Swimming Programs The Cost Of Cutting Swimming Programs - Emma Hruby, FloSwimming

iversity of North Dakota announced in late March that it would be cutting three sports: women's hockey and both men's and women's swimming and diving. According to ​USA Today, $1.3 million must be cut from the UND athletics department in order to keep up with ongoing budget cuts throughout the university that are a trickle down effect from the state's grim financial future. According to the ​Grand Forks Herald​, the cutting of the programs adds up to about $3 million, with about $900,000 coming from the swimming and diving programs. Less than a week later, the University at Buffalo announced that it would be cutting its men's swimming and diving program. According to an FAQ page released by UB, there were five factors considered when deciding which of the 20 programs would be cut: ​program costs, facilities, Title IX, geographic location, ​and ​a ​comparison of programs​ at other Mid-American Conference schools. http://www.floswimming.com/article/56334-the-cost-of-cutting-swimming-programs

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