Friday, June 30, 2017

University reinstates hiring freeze in light of projected enrollment drop - Shelby Brown, Louisville Cardinal

Initially hoping for a 400-student increase from 2016-17, U of L administration now expects 200 less students for 2017-18. This projection, in addition to state attrition, creates a $6 million revenue deficit, according to Interim Provost Dale Billingsley. Billingsley announced in an email U of L has temporarily frozen all hiring in an attempt to close the gap. Billingsley says halting hires will help ensure 2017’s cash balance is positive and help balance the projected 2018 budget. Billingsley hopes state appropriations partnered with the freeze will make up the deficit. “On Oct. 1, the Budget Office and I will analyze the university’s progress toward its budget goals and determine if the freeze will continue to a later date,” Billingsley said in the email.

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