Friday, July 21, 2017

Oklahoma’s universities struggle with budget cuts - Jeff Packham, NonDoc

State appropriations for higher education in Oklahoma have dwindled in recent years. A recent study from Illinois State University’s joint Grapevine project shows Oklahoma is now the lowest-ranked in state appropriations following a reduction of 17.8 percent in the past five years. Although the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University are better positioned to cushion themselves from reduced state funding, smaller schools find themselves taking drastic measures to deal with the latest budget realities. Following a year when the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education received a 16-percent cut in state appropriations, the state’s higher education system took on an additional 6 percent reduction for the current fiscal year. The Fiscal Year 2018 appropriation of $774 million was down from the $810 million allocated this past year and far less than the requested $958 million.

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