Friday, July 21, 2017

SIU works to rebuild after end to budget impasse - Rachel Krause, WPSD

After years of cuts and reductions during Illinois’ years’ long budget impasse, Southern Illinois University President Randy Dunn said the university system is still strong. Earlier this month, lawmakers approved the first spending plan for the state since July 2015. Dunn said SIU will be given about 10 percent less in appropriations than it was before the impasse, but he said regular funding is a welcome change. Dunn said the SIU system could receive the first payments as soon as next week. SIU as a whole is expected to receive $179 million from the state, down from $200 million before the impasse. The Carbondale campus, Dunn said, will receive around $10 million less than its typical $100 million in funding. It’s not ideal, but Dunn said it’s definitely something they can work with. "We know what we have to work with. It's sustainable.

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