Thursday, August 10, 2017

Costs per student rising at Iowa universities - Vanessa Miller, the Gazette

The cost of educating students at Iowa’s public universities has been steadily rising in recent years — a trend the institutions have cited as they clamor for more resources. A new report issued by the state auditor’s office shows University of Iowa’s instruction-related cost per full-time student in the 2016 budget year reached $20,112 — 14 percent higher than the $17,646 in the 2012 budget year. The auditor’s office is working on new reports for Iowa State University and University of Northern Iowa, expecting to publish those over the next few weeks. But past reports for those schools show costs-per-student, likewise, are climbing. Iowa State’s cost-per-student for the 2015 budget year was $13,453, according to the auditor’s calculations, up 7 percent from $12,629 in the 2012 budget year. UNI’s cost-per-student in 2015 was $14,960, 28 percent above the $11,666 in 2012, according to the auditor’s office.

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