Wednesday, December 24, 2014

As chancellor search begins, SIU braces for budget woes - Holden Kurwicki, WPSD

As students at one local school finish up final exams, some of their professors are concerned that this could be their final semester teaching. Southern Illinois University could have up to $40 million cut out of their budget next year, and the school is preparing for the worst. "We're going to try and get through this spring semester looking at reserves and cash pools to not really disrupt operations drastically,” said SIU President Randy Dunn. “Obviously if we're going to get savings in some areas this springs we're going to grab those savings." Savings that Dunn is helping to collect by agreeing to fill in as the interim chancellor, a move he says was more about continuity. "It's a drop in a bucket,” said Dr. Dunn. “You're talking a half a year's salary for a chancellor which is $150,000."

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