Monday, August 17, 2015

Budget delay has ripple effect across North Carolina - Paul Woolverton, Fay Observer

The inability of North Carolina's legislature and governor to decide how to spend more than $21 billion of taxpayer money is creating problems throughout North Carolina. Public school systems can't make sound spending plans. Community college students don't know how much their classes are going to cost. And the list goes on.Community college students don't know whether their tuition is going to rise this fall. Some observers say any heartburn the delay causes is tempered by the opportunity to find and address bad or poorly written laws hidden in the text's hundreds of pages. "While groups beat the political drum, those of us concerned about crafting a politically balanced budget applaud the General Assembly for its deliberate negotiations," lobbyist Brian Lewis wrote on his company's website. "Here, slow is good," Democratic consultant Gary Pearce said on his political blog.

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