Sunday, January 29, 2017

Branstad Plan Could Cut $1.5 Million from DMACC Budget - WHO TV

Some community colleges in Iowa are calling Gov.Terry Branstad's proposed budget cuts "traumatic." For Des Moines Area Community College, the proposed $8.7 million cut would translate into $1.5 million being cut from its budget. Right now, DMACC has the lowest tuition in the state. Leaders say the governor's plan would put that affordability in jeopardy. Students are voicing their concerns too. “A of people go to DMACC and then they move on to Iowa State or I`m moving on to Simpson. Schools like that are a lot more expensive and I think that`s the point of a lot of people going to DMACC first, so I think that`s kind of defeating the purpose and it`s gonna have a lot of people not go to college,” said freshman Andrea Risius.

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